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- Creating a Japan that attracts the world's top talent -




The deepening of the low birthrate and aging population leading to a population decline is thought to have a significant impact on the long-term planning of Japanese companies, particularly in the following two areas:

1. Decreasing domestic demand

2. Shrinking of the domestic recruitment base (new graduates)

Given these two points, the globalization of recruitment scope is seen as an essential trend going forward. Moreover, especially with point 2, amidst the increasing demand for 'quality' in personnel due to digitalization and globalization, there is a rapidly growing need to recruit the top tier from a wider global pool of candidates.

In recent years, students from top universities around the world, who have grown up surrounded by Japanese cultural contents like anime, games, and food, are increasingly considering Japan as a potential work destination, attracted by the charm of its culture, high quality of life, and safety. However, many students feel that working in Japan is challenging due to a lack of information and opportunities, often leading them to choose other countries in the end.

In this context, the founding of Jelper Club was motivated by the desire to build a recruitment platform for top global talents, making it easier to access the necessary opportunities and information to work in Japan. This would lower the barriers to working in Japan and facilitate Japanese companies' approach to top global talents, thereby creating a Japan that attracts top talents worldwide and rejuvenating the country.

Forming an Ecosystem



To realize the mission Jelper Club has set forth, collaboration with Japanese-related student organizations at various universities, as well as the expansion of our own organization, is indispensable.
With this in mind, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to building an ecosystem through the development of the Jelper Club platform, aiming to empower these student groups to broaden their horizons and further amplify their reach. 
Japanese businesses, Japanese-related student organizations at world-class universities, and our very own Jelper Club must come together in a unified triad.
Through our concerted efforts, we aspire to enhance the recognition and interest in employment opportunities in Japan among students at these institutions. We remain steadfast in our commitment to this vision and will continue to intensify our endeavors.

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