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Jelper Club

With the world’s brightest minds, propelling businesses to the global stage.

Recruitment Platform Connecting Japanese Companies and Top Global Talents Interested in Working in Japan

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What is Jelper Club?

Recruitment Platform for Students from Top Global Universities and Japanese Companies

Traditionally, reaching out to students from the world's top universities, who are sought after by companies worldwide, has been extremely difficult for Japanese entities. Thus, we created the Jelper Club to help you to connect such elite students who are looking for opportunities in Japan with Japanese companies. At Jelper Club, we provide a platform equipped with all the necessary features to enable Japanese companies to reach out to and recruit these top global talents.

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Top Global University Talent Eager for Careers in Japan

As of May 2024, over 70% of the students registered on our platform are from universities ranked within the top 50 by major global university rankings (QS, THE, ARWU), and about 90% are from institutions within the top 100. Notably, a significant number of Harvard students, who wish to work in Japan, are registered with Jelper Club. Furthermore, many students also possess practical work experience, enabling the recruitment of new graduates who are immediately operational.


Recruitment Support Meeting Top Students' Career Aspirations

Leveraging insights uniquely available due to our high registration rate of top students worldwide, we offer thorough support aimed at achieving recruitment success. Additionally, our platform includes registrations from Japanese-related student groups and career centers at universities, allowing for recruitment activity support through our unique order system directly from these organizations.


Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing Targeting Top Students

By utilizing corporate accounts created on the platform, it is possible to comprehensively approach the recruitment of top students worldwide, from raising awareness and generating interest to entries and communication with candidates after offers.


Streamlined Recruitment of Ideal Student Candidates

The dashboard provided on the recruitment platform makes it possible to easily recruit the world's top students, which previously required a lot of time and effort.In addition, our unique filtering system allows companies to extract and approach registered students who meet their needs, and it is also possible to find and approach students from hidden world-class universities that do not appear in rankings.

What Our Clients Say

Timewitch Client
"Nowhere in the world but Jelper Club can achieve the recruitment of top world-class students at such a low cost and with such ease, which would normally entail a huge expense"

Kennosuke Miura, CEO of Timewitch Inc.

Our Team

Are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

"I'm eager to hire world-class, highly specialized talent, but the hiring and salary costs for experienced professionals are prohibitive. I'd rather recruit exceptional recent graduates."

"I want to bring on outstanding bilingual students, but I lack the resources to build a substantial candidate pool."

"I'm interested in initiating university-based BtoC marketing efforts, but I'm struggling without the necessary connections."

"Rather than recruiting exchange students whom we can easily hire in Japan., I'm looking to hire top-tier new graduates with advanced specialization."

For those who are facing challenges in recruiting the world's top students, Jelper Club offers free consultations. Please feel free to contact us to start the conversation.

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