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Business Matching Platform for Students from Top Global Universities and Japanese Companies

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Jelper Club - Business Matching Platform for World's Top Universities Students and Companies in Japan


Companies can directly engage with students from world-renowned universities like Harvard and Oxford. This includes exchanging messages and advancing recruitment through job advertisement postings. Furthermore, we have registered student groups and career centers with a focus on Japan. By entrusting us with the promotion of your recruitment information and the organization of on-campus events, companies can effectively reach out to students from these top global universities.

Japan Career Summit

Japan Career Summit

The recruitment event "Japan Career Summit" aims to provide opportunities for close engagement with students from the world's top universities. The last event was held in October 2023 on the 2D metaverse platform "Gather," attracting approximately 300 students from top universities around the world.

For details on past events, click here.

Service Details

Jelper Club

At Jelper Club, you can recruit registered users (students from the world's top universities interested in Japan) through direct messaging, scout distribution, and job postings.

Additionally, to enhance your outreach, we also offer the capability to commission work to student organizations related to Japan at these top global universities. These student groups, located within each university, form communities of students interested in Japan, making them ideal entities for efficiently reaching out to students who want to work in Japan.

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Japan Career Summit

Japan Career Summit
Japan Career Summit

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At Jelper Club, in order to provide opportunities for direct and close engagement with students from the world's top universities, we organize recruitment events called "Japan Career Summit" using the 2D metaverse tool "Gather" and on the campuses of these top global universities.
For details on events we have held in the past, click here.

Past Participating Companies

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group , EY Japan, Shiseido, Fujifilm, CyberAgent, Sony, DyDo, ABeam Consulting, Leverages, DeNA, Nomura Securities, Plan Do See, Meltin MMI, PinPoint Group, Mitsui & Co., etc.

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